CS:GO Team introduction:

Invicta first started late 2016 with their first CS:GO lineup. The roster consists of five talented Swedish players from different part of the country. With regular training sessions the team aims for successs. The CS:GO lineup has yet to win any major tournaments, and has currently only reached second place in two turnaments hosted by Challengermode. However under 2017 the team had won several PCW against teams such as LGB Esports so now we are looking forward to what the future brings to the team.

Player information:

  • Andreas ”Pontífex” Karlsson, The teams all round reliable. Happy to play any role, on any map, at anytime. The swedish rifler has ability to perform any given task given to him. From holding a site to opening one up. He has currently stepped into the choose of entryfragger and can use any weapon from SMGs to AWPs. He knows it all. A master with pistols, he is offering his team a unique oppertunity to get ahead in the game from the very first pistol round.
  • Joar ”Surge” Lillienau, Lurks in the shadows he is the sneaking assassin of the team. He is able to creep around the map and backstabs his opponents making them wonder how he got there in the first place. With a keen mind for strategy he often helps out the ingame leader with the information he aquires from the opposing team.
  • Adam ”Frîîdde” Fridell, The mastermind of the team. The ingame leader knows his teams strengths and weaknesses and is able to adapt his strategy to best fit his team. With an incredible level of skill to back up his teammates he often goes with the teams entryfragger to help him in his task. This player is also a master at wining rounds by himself. in a 3v1 situation this guy would not even drop a sweat. Even when the game feels unwinnable he always got a ace plan up his sleeve.
  • Seb ”Withering” Nilsson, The teams support player that will always perform the tasks that needs to be done. With an incredible amount of knowledge about the game this player knows every map inside and out. From the  millions of different smoke grenate throws this guy knows them all. Want a smoke at a certain point to block the opponents vision? Withering has already thrown it at that very spot. This guy also has a wide veriety of ”player boosts” so the team can pop up and eliminate the enemy from many unorthodox places.
  • Mattias ”Oetinho” Olofsson, Wields the AWP and is capable of raining down death on any opponent. He was a burning desire to win does everything in his power to do so. With his aggressive awp plays he is capable to brutally annihilate the opposing team.
    and is often being on top of the scoreboard. He is also a reliable defensive awper able to hold down a site by himself long enought for his teammate to reach him in time.